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Due to xmas and exams, I haven't been working on torg. 

If anyone is interested in building TORG, sign up to weebly (for free) and post the email you used to sign up in one of the comments section on the devices.
Since I moderate comments, only I will be able to see them.
This is how anyone can be of help by writing guides which I don't have time to write.
Also for questions about the specific device
What you may find is that there isn't a guide that I have written myself, but is instead wr  

Remember all this is done in a hurry, I will try to add one device everyday.

Help is appreciated.
I have just added TORG forums, visit and sign up to find out more.
Heading says it all
  • New devices coming, as below:

Ainol amlogic devices
Pipo android devices
Star series

Oh yeah,  try to make a better logo than the one above.

Start of Website 
Added one device.
Look out for more.


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    December 2012